Otto Link Mouthpiece- a popular name in the history of High Quality Mouthpiece

Otto Link is one of those brands that are highly popular among the musicians for manufacturing mouthpieces producing high quality sound. This brand generally manufactures mouthpieces that have been manufactured out of rubber, gold plated bronze and even stainless steel. The wide selection of mouth pieces offered by this brand is not just only used by the professional musicians but also by the big musical bands. Below have been highlighted some important facts about Otto link mouthpiece history.

Foundation of Otto Link

Otto Link mouthpieces have been popular among the musicians in different parts of the world for quite a long number of years. These wonderful mouthpieces are manufactured by JJ Babbitt, a reputed company which was founded in the year 1919 by Mr Jessie James Babbitt and his family members. Otto Link mouthpieces designed by Jessie James Babbitt in the year 1920 and 1930 became so much popular among the musicians that the company still crafts and manufactures mouthpieces on the same machines that were used earlier. According to a survey, it has been found that the brand still crafts the mouth pieces by hand, as there were done in the year 1940.

Popular Mouthpieces that gained huge popularity in the past

Below are discussed about some of the wonderful Otto Link mouthpieces that gained huge popularity among the professional musicians in different parts of the world.

Master Link Mouthpiece




This was one of the popular Otto Link mouthpieces that were manufactured in the year 1930. The quality of sound produced by these high quality mouthpieces certainly enabled it to gain a good image in the Otto link mouthpiece history. These mouthpieces had cut out ridges that enabled the ligature to slide on in an easier way. Since these mouthpieces had a bigger chamber and small tip, sound produced by this musical instrument were warm and even rich in quality.



Hard Rubber Otto Link Mouthpiece

Otto Link also started the production of rubber mouthpiece in 1930s. Since they were cheap than the metal ones, these mouthpieces gained huge popularity among the budget oriented people. According to a survey, it has been found that these mouthpieces had the largest chamber in the rubber Otto link mouthpiece history.

The Otto Link mouthpieces produced high quality sound and thereby became extremely popular among the well known musicians in different parts of the world. It has still been able to retain its brand image in the minds of the musicians in the best possible way.



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