Techniques in Clarinet playing


Do you have a craze towards Clarinet, one of the popular woodwind musical instruments and thereby wondering about the best possible way to play it adequately? Most of the professional musicians enjoy playing this wonderful instrument because it has the capability to produce high pitch sound effortlessly if the user knows the technique to blow it adequately. Below are discussed some of the major Clarinet playing techniques that must be analyzed by a beginner.

Get a Clarinet and gain knowledge about its various parts

The first and foremost important step is to get a Clarinet and then gain vital knowledge about the specific instrument. If you are a beginner then it will be wise for you to get a clarinet made of plastic. You must also be aware about the process by which various pieces of the musical instrument are assembled.

Learn how to hold the Clarinet properly

If you are going to play this musical instrument for the first time then it will be wise for you to stand upright in order to hold the Clarinet in a proper way. The best position to hold this wonderful musical instrument is about 45 degrees towards your body. Besides this, you must hold the top stack of the instrument with your left hand in a firm manner. While playing a Clarinet, it will be wise for you to rest your thumb on the back end of the instrument and keep three fingers on the main keys that are situated on the bottom stack.

Place the mouthpiece in your mouth

The next important step is to place the mouthpiece of the musical instrument inside your mouth and then hold it firmly with the help of your top teeth. At first instance, you may experience difficulty while blowing with your mouth but you will certainly be able to gain expertise on a gradual manner.

Ensure to seal the mouth properly

This is certainly one of the major Clarinet playing techniques that you must analyze in order to produce high quality sound. You must adequately seal your mouth to ensure that air does not escape while you are playing your favorite musical instrument.

Prevent puffing to play consistent tone

In order to play consistent tone with the help of your musical instrument, it will certainly be wise for you to prevent puffing.

Besides these major Clarinet playing techniques, you must try to play different types of notes in order to gain professionalism in this field.


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