Here at Pasadena WoodWind Repair we offer three main levels of servicing


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The information below is an example of my services but please note each instrument is evaluated on what your particular instrument  needs.i try to give options to  make it cost effective for the customer . depending on how long it will take me to do the job plus any parts needed.

Most instruments need a tuneup if they have not been serviced for a while or have been in storage.Pro instruments i also evaluate by play testing as well as visual,i can assess what needs to be done within 2- 15 minutes.

quite honestly all used instruments have things that need to be fixed or corrected,whether they will effect the instrument very much is another question .if a customer calls me and sais hey i have a very small problem you should be able to fix it right away,more often than not it is something that is hard to see and that is well hidden and will take more time than the customer thinks ,from experience i have learnt to expect something different than what the customer thinks it is ,because this has happened over and over again .like a customer will say oh this key and this key is off ,then i see it and show them the neck is way out ,there response is well if plays fine with that but those notes are off,and of course it was the neck which took me 2 or 3 times longer to fix than just the regulation ,well now i try not to say so much ,give a fair estimate and then just fix the thing what ever it is,job done and  then move on to the next project.

Some jobs have problems behind or inside the pads that you cannot even see or other problems with materials used which in that case i would suggest a complete overhaul ,starting from scratch eliminates all the potential errors.

because i am able to see errors or problems that many others do not you are getting a much better service than just a regular tune up ,i will make it the most playable it has been.many old instruments suffer from these problems esspessially.knowing how to adjust the setup in combination with the condition of the neck is important for instance.

players from time to time come in with instruments that have intonation problems in cirtain areas or sound problems including problems finding a good reed which is often a sign the instrument is not performing properly ,yet they have had it fully overhauled at a the top repair facility in  Major Cities,sometimes they have been playing on it for years with the same problems.

my tune up or overhaul service will  fix those problems that should have been resolved in the first place , i sometimes can hardly believe that these errors were overlooked.for Proffesional instruments It has helped being a  player as well as a fully trained technician to fully evaluate the final job on a professional horn, as  most technicians don’t play the instruments they are not able to properly evaluate the job ,just measuring everything perfectly is not enough .I find  80-90% can be done by sight but the rest  must be done by ear.

Minor Service –

This is our most basic level of servicing and is designed to keep the instrument in good playing condition.pads are cleaned and adjusted where necessary, key corks and felts (where necessary)and oiling of the mechanism. The instrument is adjusted and regulated throughout. Please note the instrument is not usually stripped down with this level of service.

Full Service –

This is designed to keep your instrument in premium working order, preventing unwanted problems occurring during everyday use.

The instrument and mechanism is fully stripped down. The keywork and body is cleaned where possible and pads, key corks and felts replaced (where necessary). The instrument is re-assembled, lubricated, and to finish is adjusted and regulated throughout.

Complete Overhaul Re-pad 

The Complete Overhaul Re-pad  Your instrument will perform better than when it was new at the conclusion of this work and will last a very long time..

The instrument and mechanism is fully stripped down. The keywork and body is cleaned where possible .the tube body and neck are worked on where needed ,all tone holes are meticulously evened with diamond cutting tools with the absolute minimum amount of material removed in the process and ALL pads, key corks and felts replaced. Shellac is used to fit the pads not hot glue (hot glue is not a good idea but is often used ,it is easier to apply thats probably why but pads will easily shift esspecially  in hot weather.The instrument is re-assembled, lubricated, and to finish is adjusted and regulated throughout.Play tested several times .left for a few days to settle in then rechecked ,play test again adjust if needed.

Many other services are available Please Call for further details.

Custom pads and resonators

pads with noyek resonators or Roo pads will be quoted separately.


Instrument Minor Service or Full Service
Flute From $75 From $140 POA
Clarinet From $75 From $140 POA
Oboe  from $75 From $140
Soprano or Alto Saxophone From $95 From $195 POA
Tenor Saxophone From $100 From $225 POA
Bari Saxophone From $120 From $240 POA

(please note depending on the work required the price may be in between the minor or full service price,making it most cost effective to you.)



Complete  Overhaul repad includes the following:

Student Clarinet Complete Overhaul-repad $300
student Flute Plateau model  $300
Pro Flute open whole solid Silver $500.00 Plus
Pro Clarinet Complete overhaul $450
 -550 ,includes any custom pads ,including cork in the left hand ,all Roo or gortex included
Oboe student plastic  $375
Oboe Professional Grenadilla wood  $500-750
Soprano Sax Complete Overhaul Repad $1000
Alto sax Complete overhaul Repad  $950,Includes French Pads ,custom resonators call for priceTenor Sax Complete Overhaul Repad $1000 ,Includes French Pads ,custom resonators call for price
Bari Sax Complete overhaul  Repad $1200.Includes French Pads ,custom resonators call for price

student or senoir discounts may apply

Resonator choices
flat metal resonators,domed metal,plastice domed,hollywood resos,included
all Roo pads please add $50
Resotech  resonator sets 220

Please note ,in some cases my overhaul prices are 30-40% Cheaper than other repair facilities

example tenor overhauls are going for $1500 plus …………….alas My Price $1000

  • evaluation, problem solving and parts are decided on.
  • The horn is completely disassembled and all parts cleaned .
  • Body tube is checked for straightness and corrected if needed.
  • Small dings and dents are removed (see note below).
  • Tone holes are checked and leveled if they are not perfectly flat. This is done with minimum filing.
  • Pad cups are checked and leveled if they are not perfectly flat.
  • excess play is removed from keys and hinge rods to obtain perfect fit, yet allow free movement.
  • new pads and resonators are installed.
  • Professional quality pads and resonators are included.(Custom pads or resonators may be ordered at extra cost)
  • New cork, felt and springs are installed as needed.
  • New neck cork is installed.
  • The neck tenon to receiver fit is checked and corrected if necessary.
  • The key height is set for either customer’s preference or our own optimum setting.
  • The horn is thoroughly play tested and dialed in as necessary.
  • The horn is left to set for a few more days and then a final adjustment is made as necessary


Clarinet ,Bass clarinet work ,My specific skills include crack repair, custom keywork, fine padwork, tuning, and voicing.

Extra work not included may include

Neck work correction either from damage or modification done before
Large dent removal ,solder repairs
Custom pads or resonators may be ordered and fitted at extra cost if needed
Trumpet work Call for Details

These prices are designed to give you an indication of the cost for the most common work carried out on woodwind instruments.

Pad & spring replacement
Tenon recorking
Crook repair
Tenon replacement
Key work modification
Crack repair
Flute head cork renewal
Saxophone neck & flute tenon adjustment
Dent removal

Anything else needed?
Just ask – many more things are possible!

All other work is quoted on an individual basis. Please Call 626 376 3447

for further information.

Mouthpiece Restoration

Custom work done to your specs

$50 per mouthpiece

baffle inserts extra $30

stainless steel mouthpieces like Berg Larsen $75

Dedicated to optimum instrument design and condition.