Top 6 Reasons to overhaul a Flute

Are you passionate towards playing flute? Then it will certainly be wise for you to gain knowledge on when to overhaul a flute to ensure that your favorite instrument plays wonderful and even soothing music. Since a flute is one of the most fragile instruments, it is highly recommended to maintain it properly to make sure that it stays clean and well maintained. Below are discussed about some reasons that will help you to become aware that it’s time to overhaul your flute.

  1. Possible Bent keys

This is certainly one of the common problems found in a flute. Since the keys of a flute are made of soft metal, these are generally delicate and thereby get bent due to regular up and down movements. If you are able to notice that there is leakage of air through the holes of the flute then it’s certainly time for you to get it overhauled.

  1. Wear and tear of the pads

This is also one of the major reasons that you should consider if you are wondering when to overhaul a flute. Some of the common reasons behind damage to the pads of the flute are by pressing the keys too tightly while playing the flute, moisture build up, wrapping the hands around the keys too tightly, etc. In order to replace the pads, it will always be wise for you to get the service of an experienced technician.

  1. Build up of dirt and residue inside the flute

If you play the flute on a regular basis then dirt and residue will certainly get built up and thereby it will turn your musical instrument possibly unhygienic as well as being less responsive. Besides this, dirt and saliva buildup can accumulate on the pads and cause them to fail ,they become sticky due to the regular act of blowing ,this is caused by not cleaning your instrument with a swab .In order to turn your favorite musical instrument into a well playing and hygienic one, it will certainly be wise to get it looked over and overhauled if needed.

  1. Unable to play low C on the flute

This is certainly a major reason that will help you to become aware that it’s time to overhaul your flute . Actually it can be one of two things .1 You may have tiny leaks in all the pads so collectively adding up to one large leak by the time you hit low C which would be the most common if the pads are worn or 2. When the C and C# keys of the flute do not land on the C roller at the same time. Either case it may be a sign that your flute needs at least an adjustment ,but if the pads are worn then it would need to be overhauled At the very least get it checked by a reputable repairman.

5. Flute tenons and headjoint fitting maybe loose or over tight effecting the sound quality and response of the flute.

6.head joint cork may be loose,there are multiple ways to fit a headjoint cork The correct size is important ,some technotions use wax to seal the cork but much consideration must be made depending on the flute as the wax can slightly dull the sound. These are some major points that will help you to decide that it’s time to overhaul your favorite instrument.