purchase tips

          Important Tips for Purchasing a Band Instruments

  • Call your local instrument repair 626 376 3447 and supply store. Typically they have new or used woodwind instruments. If used, they are serviced and repaired into like new condition. There is nothing wrong with buying used.
  • Try buying the highest quality material for your woodwind. For example, if the cost is the same between a new plastic clarinet, and a used, refurbished wooden one, choose the wooden one. For Flutes, silver is best. For saxophones, brass is quality.
  • Be prepared to purchase a separate mouthpiece for your woodwind. The mouthpiece is very specific and personal to each individual. For this reason, stock mouthpieces are fairly cheap since most people don’t keep them.
  • Inspect each keypad and tone hole and make sure there are no cracks or tears. If you do find a tear, make sure the seller pays for the woodwind instrument repair.


Beware of new cheap made instruments ,many of these are unable to be repaired.

As with many other shops, we will not repair poorly made instruments. When the instruments continues to have problems it may appear that the repairs were not done properly when in fact, it is the quality of the instrument causing the problems 

Dedicated to optimum instrument design and condition.