How to tell what type of Buffet Clarinet you have

Buffet Clarinet identification .Model designation



n�1 indicates polycylindrical bore
Am�rique appears to be the designation for an R13 made for American market

It looks like that if there are no other codes, it is assumed to be a R13

Decoding the letter and number sequence

For a sequence such as BCxxyy(c)-d-e ……………

BC = Buffet Crampon

This specifies the key, with
11 = Bb (old code, SiB=Bb)
12 = A (old code, La=A)
15 = Eb (old code, MiB=Eb)
17 = F

This specifies the model, with
02 = E13
12 = RC
31 = R13
83 = Prestige RC Bass to Eb
93 = Prestige RC Bass to low C
23 = Basset

Optional code, meaning
G = greenline
L = Left hand Eb lever

Specifies key plating, where
02 = silver
05 = nickle

Specifies pitch
0 = 440
2 = 442
4 = 444


BC1131(L)-02-0 equals a Bb (11) R13 (31) with a LH Eb lever (L) with silver plated keys (02) tuned to 440 (0)

Information attributed to Jack Kissinger and Francois Kloc

For completeness, the website to check the serial number of your instrument (for E13 and professional models) is