5 Woodwind repair techniques you can use to maintain your instrument




Woodwind instruments are extremely delicate and thereby it is highly recommended to take utmost level of care while repairing it. Even though repairing the various parts of Woodwind instruments is certainly simple  you need to be aware about the tools and even the techniques that must be followed to prevent damage to your favorite musical instrument. Below are discussed some of the major Woodwind care techniques  you must analyze for proper maintenance of the musical instrument in a smart way.



  1. Remove each of the joints gently

The first and foremost important step is to remove each of the joints gently and then clean off the ends with a soft cloth. This will remove the dirt and debris from the specific parts of the musical instrument.

  1. Cleaning the mouthpiece/ lip plate to get rid of foreign particles

This is also one of the important points that you should analyze while cleaning a Woodwind instrument. You must use recommended alcohol to clean the lip plate of the specific instrument. You just need to dip a swab in alcohol and then gently clean the specific part of the musical instrument to get rid of bacteria and germs.

  1. Swab the Woodwind instrument using a cleaning rod

It is highly recommended to clean the inner part of the musical instrument because it’s the place where significant amount of saliva, dirt and even debris get accumulated. It will be wise for you to use the recommended cleaning rod to remove the various unwanted particles from the interior side of the Woodwind instrument. You just need to wrap a soft cloth around the rod and then insert it inside the musical instrument. The rod will efficiently remove the dirt and even the moisture from the specific instrument.


  1. Polish the exterior part of the musical instrument

This is certainly the most of easiest parts of the Woodwind instrument that you can easily clean just by wiping it with the help of a soft cloth. you can use QTips in the small areas where the springs are but be very careful not to move anything. rub it gently with the help of a soft cloth.

  1. Use a pad paper to clean the sticky keys

Do the keys of your woodwind instruments regularly get stuck in the holes? Then it’s time for you to clean them with the help of a pad paper. Just place the pad paper between the hole and keys and then gently hold the keys for few seconds. This will remove the moisture, dirt and thereby help you to get rid of the sticky keys.

These are some Woodwind repair techniques that will help you to enjoy playing your favorite musical instrument in the best possible way.

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